Women on the Move 2018

City summary

Cairo, with a population of about 19 million, is the biggest commuter city with an underground train system in Africa and the Middle East. More than 4 million people daily are estimated to use the Cairo Metro which dates back to 1987 and was the first of only two real metro systems in Africa and about four in the Arab world. Egyptians also get around the city in cars, cabs, on the Nile ferry and in buses with plans to introduce women-only buses unveiled last year.

Polling results

Which of the following issues most concerns you about using public and private transport?

How long on average do you spend travelling to work/school each day?

The cost of public transport in my city is:

The time it takes to get to work/study has influenced my decision over taking/staying in a job

The cost of transport has influenced my decision over taking or staying in a job/study

The length of my commute allows me to comfortably juggle work and family life

I feel confident that I can travel on transport in my city without sexual harassment/abuse

I feel confident that I can travel on transport in my city without risk of sexual violence

I feel confident that a fellow traveler would come to my assistance if I was being harassed

Do you travel on public transport at night?

Do you travel on private transport at night?

The emergence of ride hailing apps has improved my ability to get around the city

Women only sections on trains or buses would improve the safety of women

I am confident travellers would give up a seat for a pregnant/elderly women without being asked